Watch Dogs Script Hook goes GitHub

I’ve decided to put my Watch Dogs Script Hook on GitHub because I still receive questions regarding the game, although I haven’t touched neither the game nor the code for ages. So here it is for you to play around:

Please note that it does not work with the latest version of the game and should be considered an educational resource for game reversing/hacking. Also note that the code is very hacky and ugly and has major design flaws. But it works! 😛

2 thoughts on “Watch Dogs Script Hook goes GitHub

  1. Nerothe

    Hey There!
    I’m really fascinated by your wd_hook,

    i got the dll into the game (it is opening the console) but i think the addresses of the lua functions got changed – i tried my best using IDA, ollidbg, 64dbg, cheatengine and more to find those… but i never get to the point where i can read function names…
    I’m good in programming but i never did RE – and this got me interested in RE (thank you for that)
    But i’m stuck at this point (10h worth of trying) – it would be amazing if you could help me.

    You can contact me at (English, German, Spanish – if you prefer one of em)
    kind regards



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