Watch Dogs Script Hook goes GitHub

I’ve decided to put my Watch Dogs Script Hook on GitHub because I still receive questions regarding the game, although I haven’t touched neither the game nor the code for ages. So here it is for you to play around:

Please note that it does not work with the latest version of the game and should be considered an educational resource for game reversing/hacking. Also note that the code is very hacky and ugly and has major design flaws. But it works! 😛

4 thoughts on “Watch Dogs Script Hook goes GitHub

  1. Nerothe

    Hey There!
    I’m really fascinated by your wd_hook,

    i got the dll into the game (it is opening the console) but i think the addresses of the lua functions got changed – i tried my best using IDA, ollidbg, 64dbg, cheatengine and more to find those… but i never get to the point where i can read function names…
    I’m good in programming but i never did RE – and this got me interested in RE (thank you for that)
    But i’m stuck at this point (10h worth of trying) – it would be amazing if you could help me.

    You can contact me at (English, German, Spanish – if you prefer one of em)
    kind regards


      1. Adam

        Hey LMS,

        I know it’s been a long time since the game has been developed. This work of yours got me interested and I want to continue it. I tried finding the lua state of the game using ghidra and IDA but these function names seems encoded somewhat. May i know the procedure in finding this?

        1. LMS Post author

          Hi Adam, you’re not the first to ask this question but I frankly do not recall any work on the game anymore. Your best bet would be to try to find lua functions in the same and work for your way from there.


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