[V] Dynamically adding carcols

Hello everyone, today we’re going to have a look at how to add¬†carcol settings in GTA V to vehicles at runtime. The file contains the siren patterns for emergency vehicles among others and people have been using it to create their own pattern with the most recent research being made here:¬† When I stumbled across […]


OpenELEC on Raspberry with an XBOX 360 controller

I used some of my free time during Easter to install OpenELEC on my new Raspberry PI 3. While most things worked out of the box, e.g. my using my remote control to control OpenELEC, using my 360 Wireless controller did not. Searching the internet revealed it’s a common problem many people have issues with […]


Recording audio of a single process: Part III

After having hooked IAudioClient::GetCurrentPadding, IAudioRenderClient::GetBuffer and IAudioRenderClient::ReleaseBuffer I implemented some logic for each hook. IAudioClient::GetCurrentPadding Here I just copy the pointer to IAudioClient to be able to use it later. IAudioRenderClient::GetBuffer In this hook, I copy the IAudioRenderClient pointer and the data pointer so I know where it’s stored. IAudioRenderClient::ReleaseBuffer This is where my main […]


Recording audio of a single process: Part II

Today we will focus on mapping the functions found. They all reside in the AudioSes.dll, so this will be our primary target. Interfaces and IAT The problem with the IAudioClient and IAudioRenderClient interfaces is, like with all other interfaces, they don’t have their functions exported in the DLL, but are called using their VTables. So […]


Recording audio of a single process: Part I

Last year while I was recording some gaming footage, I was annoyed by the fact that it captured all audio on my system. This not only forced me to pause any kind of music I like to listen to while playing, but also mute Skype, TS etc. I just found it incredibly inconvenient, that I […]


Watch Dogs Script Hook goes GitHub

I’ve decided to put my Watch Dogs Script Hook on GitHub because I still receive questions regarding the game, although I haven’t touched neither the game nor the code for ages. So here it is for you to play around: Please note that it does not work with the latest version of the game […]


Adding ALT+Enter (windowed <--> fullscreen) switch to IV

I haven’t posted much the past months due to my work commitment and the fact that the stuff I’m working on currently requires a lot of explanation and thus time to create the posts. I hope I can get some posts out during my winter vacation though! Anyway, last weekend when I was recording some […]

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GTA V native invocation

I’ve spent some time recently to have a look at the script VM in V as a preparation for its upcoming release. Since IV is pretty old chances are the scripting engine got some updates, as it was the case for Max Payne 3. One example of a change in MP3 is the native context, […]


Watch Dogs Lua Engine Hook #2

I’ve continued working on my script hook for Watch Dogs and now also added support for GetAsyncKeyState in lua. Also, as it can be very handy, I allow lua scripts to run in a loop now, since each is spawned in a new thread. This allows code like this: Quite useful, right? D3D11 hook In […]


Watch Dogs Lua Engine Hook

Today I finished my work on a hook for the Watch Dogs lua engine. It can now load lua script files into the game and execute them and also gives access to all lua scripting functions available ingame, so spawning vehicles, changing time of day etc. is now possible. A short scripting example: This simple […]


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