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OpenELEC on Raspberry with an XBOX 360 controller

I used some of my free time during Easter to install OpenELEC on my new Raspberry PI 3. While most things worked out of the box, e.g. my using my remote control to control OpenELEC, using my 360 Wireless controller did not. Searching the internet revealed it’s a common problem many people have issues with so I decided to give it a go. And after some time and messing around I got it working just fine. Since I’m very new to the Raspberry Pi world and you might as well, I will try to give as many details and steps as possible.

Installing the driver
1.) Enable SSH in OpenELEC so you can connect to your Pi from your computer
2.) Login to your Raspberry using SSH (as a client you can use Putty for instance). Name: root password: openelec
3.) Type “cd /storage/bin”
4.) Download the driver: curl -L -o xboxdrv.tar.gz” (from here
5.) Untar the file: tar -zxvf xboxdrv.tar.gz
6.) Navigate to the new folder: cd xboxdrv
7.) Now it’s time to create your settings file. We’ll use this template: (from here
8.) Create a new file: nano settings.ini
9.) Copy the content in the file and save it (Control+X, then y)

Testing the driver
10.) Now we’re almost good to go. With your wireless receiver connected, type in rmmod xpad to disable the default xbox driver
11.) Register the dependencies: LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/storage/bin/xboxdrv/
11.) Test xboxdriver: ./xboxdrv –silent –config /storage/bin/xboxdrv/settings.ini
12.) The driver should start now and you should see it’s output. Turning on your controller and pressing buttons should result in new output in the terminal
13.) Shut down the driver using CTRL+C

Adding the driver to auto start
14.) Navigate to /storage/.config/.kodi
15.) nano
16.) Add the following:

sleep 10
rmmod xpad
/storage/bin/xboxdrv/xboxdrv --silent --config /storage/bin/xboxdrv/settings.ini
) &

This will kill the old xboxdriver (you can also choose to blacklist it entirely) and start the xboxdrv on every reboot, so you can use your controller out of the box. Happy watching!